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Free advice line, for parents with children involved in Social Services, and Family Court proceedings

Please call O1677 455 192 or 07522 755 100 from 8 to 8pm

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When Legal Aid is not available

Giving parents a choice

Since 2008, our NPO and children's charity have supported disadvantaged families with young children involved in Social Services and Family Court proceedings


Litigating in person should be the last resort, especially for low-income parents

If you have funds or qualify for Legal Aid, but refuse it, the Court may see this as arrogance or even contemptuous

The Courts tend to look more favourably on self litigants, either without funds, or if they have been seriously represented by a Solicitor

Please contact us to discuss your Case before litigating in person

Apply for rolling support to include unlimmited contact, assessments and courses

Monthly subscription options explained


Expert Witness services

Professional misconduct and abuse survivors

Advice line 07522 755 100 (8 am to 8 pm) or email:




Leave nothing to chance
Contact the professionals

Self-litigate services: Application

Organisations and businesses: Associate application

Disadvantaged parents can apply for volunteer support from our registered charity
Parenting Together

Are you eligible for a subsidy?
Stability 4 children NPO offers the same services to all low income parents